Dog obesity is drastically increasing these days. The insurance company, More Than, predicts that over half of the U.S National dogs will be overweight by the year 2022. Although there is a few starving strays dogs, for maximum number of modern dogs, life involves too much of eating.

Sedimentation of excess layers of epithelial fat can create pressure on the animal’s back and cause a plethora of bone and skin problems and respiratory troubles which can make a pet unable of climbing stairs.

Soon those ‘fatty’ dogs will have their own vertical mode of transportation within the house in the form of a new stair lift. The stair lift we are talking about here is still in the developing phase.Manufacturers believe the $8,000 dog-lift will be adapted by a big company which will accelerate its development for an impending market.

The machinehas been designed keeping in view the disabled pets. It features a special ‘paw push’ start button located close to the base for the animal to reach to it with an outstretched limb.

Pets can gently slumber into the basket which then raises several feet off the floor before carrying the four-legged passenger up the stairs.