If you’re in the market for a wheelchair van, then you probably know just how expensive they can be. For some people, the expense of a wheelchair van can give your finances a real hit. Or maybe your insurance won’t pay enough money to get the quality of wheelchair van you would like.

So I want to talk about something that you may not have considered. What am I talking about?

Simply this: wheelchair van conversions.

This is basically when you buy a normal van, and pay someone to make certain structural changes and install certain extras that give it the same functionality as a normal wheelchair van. And when it’s done right, you can save yourself a whole load of money that you might have spent on a brand new wheelchair van.

A side benefit of doing this is you can customize your van however you want. The extras you need may even need to be added to a brand new van anyway, so you’re saving even more money by converting a van to be wheelchair compatible. Just bear in mind that any changes you make still need to comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Now let’s talk about the most common ways of converting a mini van into a wheelchair van. The most common way of doing it is with a side entry ramp system, combined with a 10″ lowered floor. By doing this to a minivan, you can arrange it so the person in the wheelchair can drive the van, if they’re qualified to do so.

The downside of doing a side entry conversion like this, is it’s a difficult job to do. Unless you know what you’re doing, you’d have to pay someone to do this, and it could take awhile and quite a bit of money.

Another way of converting a mini van into a wheelchair van is the rear-entry conversion. This is actually quite a popular conversion nowadays. These conversions are very convenient, because you can get a wheelchair user out without worrying about cars parked either side in a parking lot. It’s also a much easier job to perform than a side-entry conversion.

One of the down sides of the rear conversion is that the wheelchair user can’t get in a position to drive. But if the person in the wheelchair doesn’t need to, or can’t drive, then this won’t be a problem.

Anyway, I hope this has shred a little light on one of the possible options you have when it comes to wheelchair vans. You don’t have to pay $25,000 on a brand new van. You can easily pay someone to convert a mini van into a wheelchair van, and save yourself a bundle of money.