Here you will find some important information on Wheelchair Lifts.

When considering the wheelchair accessibility within your residential or commercial property you may need to look at alternatives to a simple ramp as the layout of your building may make them impractical. To allow for greater mobility between floors you could choose to install a form of wheelchair lift. There a variety of options available depending on the design of your building and a number of specialist dealers; such as Ameriglide or Garaventa, who can help you choose and install your wheelchair lift so you can provide easy access to your building for everybody.

For those who are permanently in need of a wheelchair getting about between floors is simply not an option when on your own. The presence of a wheelchair lift in your property can allow a wheelchair user full access to every floor and to maintain their independence.

In choosing a wheelchair lift, depending on the size and layout of your building, you can opt for a vertical platform lift, an inclined platform stair lift or a powered stair climber. Each has its own advantages and drawbacks which may mean it is not the best option for you specifically. The powered stair climber, for example, is the least troublesome to install but will require someone to assist in the operation of the wheelchair lift. This may be ideal for use in the home as its portable qualities allow you to take it with you wherever you wish to go.

The inclined stair lift can be simply installed and works in a similar way to a conventional chair lift. However, its large size means that on a narrower stair case it may prove too intrusive when not required. For locations where a stair lift is not practical the better option may be a vertical wheelchair lift. These can be installed so as not to protrude too much onto public spaces but are obviously the most difficult to install. To help you make the best of your space, most stair lift dealers will be able to provide information on their best model of wheelchair lift to suit your needs and assist you in all installations to get your property suitably wheelchair friendly.

Wheelchair Stair Lift

Catering for full and efficient wheelchair accessibility can prove difficult for businesses, especially with mobility between floors. Your building may not be large enough to install a passenger lift, or it may not be viable financially. A much more cost effective option is the installation of a wheelchair stair lift. The range of options available will mean you can fit a wheelchair stair lift to a wide variety of differing stair case designs, opening up the whole of your building to handicapped users.

Whilst the necessary size of a wheelchair stair lift will make such a device impossible on the narrowest stairways, in most cases, the installation of a wheelchair stair lift will cause little problems and no obstruction to more fit and able stair users. Many companies will be able to install a wheelchair stair lift regardless of whether your stair case remains straight or changes direction along the route, meaning there is little to prevent one being installed in any location.

A typical wheelchair stair lift design will involve a platform which lifts a wheelchair along a track attached to either the stairs or the wall or railing. These make ascending the stairs in a wheelchair or mobility scooter completely trouble free, as most designs are simply operated at the press of a button.

In order to ensure the optimum safety for wheelchair bound passengers, most models of wheelchair stair lift offer a variety of security options; such as gates that will lift to surround the wheelchair and a handrail that will, similarly, fold down around the wheelchair. All wheelchair stair lift designs will be foldable to keep stair ways clear and safe when in use by other patrons when the stair lift is not in use.

A wheelchair stair lift is a great alternative if installing an elevator is not possible and is a brilliant and affordable addition to any mobility conscious company looking to improve accessibility within your building.