One of the most prominent issues for wheelchair users is the difficulty in maintaining independence whilst getting past possible obstructions. Difficulties can quite often arise, especially around the house.

You may be looking for a means of ensuring the wheelchair user in your family can freely overcome the difficulties that can be faced from simply entering or exiting without the need for assistance, especially if your house is raised above street level. If so, you may wish to look into installing a wheelchair lift ramp to safely allow wheelchair users to enter your home without needing assistance.

A product of Raase Lifts, the wheelchair lift ramp was designed to be safe and simple to use. After rolling onto the ramp, the user then activates the wheelchair lift ramp which will raise a gate behind the chair, lift the user and their chair to a level height with your door, allowing for straight forward passageway into your home.

Wheelchair lift ramps are very easy to install, compared to existing wooden wheelchair ramps or a vertical platform lift, as well as being a more affordable and practical alternative to these products. The compact size of the wheelchair lift ramp will also allow you to fit one inside your garage, allowing the wheelchair user easy access between their home and vehicle.

A wheelchair lift ramp is a fantastic way of making your house wheelchair accessible, whilst allowing the wheelchair user in your family the opportunity to enjoy free, independent mobility.