One of the major problems facing mobility impaired people (eg. the elderly or disabled) is the ability to navigate their own multi-story homes. Handicapped people in wheelchairs are often left stranded on ground level due to stairs being the only method of passage available to floors above or down. This is where stair lifts (or chair lift for stairs) come in.

Stairlifts enhance the lives of the mobility impaired by offering them a safe and robust way to access any floor in their house. They decrease the dependency on able bodied family and friends as they allow the user to go up and down stairs with little to no assistance. A stairlift could be the difference between one of your loved ones living comfortably at home, or being forced to move into residential care facility.

Stair lifts are quite versatile, as they are able to be fitted not only on straight stairways, but along curved stairways as well. An overwhelming majority of homes, businesses and premises are able to house stair lift installations.

Not only are stairlifts very practical, but they are designed to blend in with the decor of their surroundings. This means that the stair lift will exist in harmony with your home.

What is a stair lift?

Stair Lift Brands

Stair lift prices can vary based on a number of factors, such as brand, type (features and design), component quality (chair, rails, power supply) and if you want to buy outright or are more interested in Stair Lift Rental. Some popular brands include Stannah Stairlifts, Bruno Independent Living & Acorn Stairlifts. You will need to consider the stair lift cost before purchasing to ensure the price range is within your budget.

Stair Lift Types

There are many different types of stair lifts, all suited to a specific purpose depending on your needs. This website will go into greater detail about these different types when you click on the navigation links. As a quick summary, let’s take a look at some stair chair lifts below:

Stair Lift Prices

As briefly discussed earlier, stairlift prices can vary considerably. Some basic straight stair lift models can start at around $1500 all the way up to $7000 (and more) for the more sophisticated models such as curved stair lifts. When making your purchase, you will also need to confirm with your stair lift company if installation is built into the price. It is also vitally important to check with your local council, as some governing bodies will require you to obtain a permit to install a stair lift in your home.

Stair Lift Rental

For those on a tighter budget, stair lift rental of second hand stairlifts may be a viable solution. With just a small down payment, you may be able to have your own stair lift for just $15 a week. This way you can reap the benefits without having to buy stairlift installations outright.

Stair Lift Installations

No two houses are alike, so you may find some customization is needed with your stair lift installation. Your stair lift company will definitely be able to offer you some expert advice on these matters. As a matter of course, most stairlift companies will first perform an assessment of your stair case before giving you a quote for the work.

So what are you waiting for? If you or somebody you know is mobility impaired, then there’s no time to waste. Order your stair lift today and see how it can transform your life!