Easy access or disabled showers allow improved entry to people who have mobility issues or use a wheelchair. The ability to bath without assistance is a key factor for retaining full independence and so an easy access / walk in shower can make a huge difference.

Benefits of Walk in Showers – Users Feedback…

“This has given me a sense of freedom to do my own thing. A very welcome contribution to my outlook on my life.”

“I am no longer able to get easily in or out of a bath, so a walk-in shower that is safe and comfortable makes all the difference.”

Types Senior Showers

There are 2 standard designs for easy access / walk in showers.

Low/level access shower trays

This design normally consists of a specially designed shower cubicle that often replaces the space taken up by a standard bath. There are however a multitude of shapes and sizes available to meet you own individual requirements.

To help access they have a low level or flat shower tray allowing improved accessibility and the ability to enter with a wheelchair in some cases.

The shower doors are also design with accessibility in mind and normally come with single or double doors which swing wide open. Doors are normally available in full or half height with the option of a shower curtain to ensure all the water is retained. A benefit of half height doors is that a carer is able to help user when bathing.

Options for an walk in shower also include non slip floors to improve safety and a seat can be added based on individual requirements.

Wet room or wet floor shower areas for disability bathrooms

We have seen a rapid growth in contemporary “wet room” style bathrooms in many homes in the UK as they have become very fashionable.

Wet rooms basically consist of a fully waterproof room with a graduated drainage system in place. Such rooms by their very nature offer excellent access without the normal restrictions and are ideal for wheelchair users. This option can however prove costly due to redevelopment work that is required.

As with easy access showers, disability bathrooms, options include shower curtains, non slip floors and seating arrangements.