Here you will find some important information on Vertical Platform Lift.

To allow wheelchair users the greatest mobility around your residence or commercial property you will need to provide a way of bypassing the problem of wheelchairs being able to access all levels. You may, therefore, want to consider the installation of a vertical platform lift. These are a fantastic option for negotiating smaller heights as they require a reasonably simple instruction and are designed compactly to ensure that the vertical platform lift does not cause any unnecessary obstruction to others.

A vertical platform lift operates using either electric powered belt drives or a hydraulic system and will typically reach heights of up to fourteen feet. Typical designs will include gates or doors to close off the cab and keep the user safe, obstruction sensors to prevent damage to either the wheelchair or the platform lift and manual controls within the lift, allowing the user to easily and safely negotiate any obstacles within your building. To get detailed information on which products contain which features, many companies that supply vertical platform lifts will be contactable through the internet, from where you can request a product brochure.

Vertical platform lifts are fantastically versatile and will help improve mobility in any area of your property. Many models of vertical platform lift can just as easily be placed outside as inside, providing a useful method of overcoming mobility issues in entering your home or your place of business. Most companies also provide various weight categories, meaning you shouldn’t be put off if your potential lift passenger relies on a heavier form of wheelchair or mobility scooter, or if you wish to cater for the wide range of users that may require the vertical platform lift.

Installing a vertical platform lift can be a great addition to your home or business. They allow wheelchair users to claim back some of the independence they have lost by allowing them to overcome vertical challenges through their own means. A vertical platform lift is safe, affordable and easily installed, letting you maintain the standards of accessibility in your property with little cost or effort.