If you are concerned about your budget and yet you are so decided to have a stair lift installed on your staircase for you or your family member’s convenience, purchasing a used stair lift could be your excellent option. You can actually find several online shops that sell used stair lifts for a much cheaper cost.

If you need a straight stair lift, buying a used one can help you save somewhere around $300 to $1500 compared to a new straight stair lift.

Second hand and reconditioned stair lifts can be purchased through a stair lift dealer or through private sales like advertisements in newspapers and magazines, or through the Internet. There is not much hassle in buying a used stair lift, in fact, it is just as reliable as buying a new one. The only difference is that buying a used stair lift saves you a great deal amount of money.

The only problem is that, you may find it truly difficult to get a used stair lift for curved stair cases, given that the rails for this type of stair lift are custom built for each staircase.

Given that used stair lifts are more economical than the new ones, it still could not be a very good option in terms of price savings. It still depends on a few factors.

Considering the warranty that new stair lift offers, used stair lifts might have less or none at all. So, if you are purchasing an old stair lift for your staircase, give it a serious thought before you even buy one. Remember that service callouts are more common for used models.

Figure out if the old one will just cost you more for buying and/or replacing some parts of the old stair lift in the future. Compute and compare the expenses you will have to shell out for both used and new stair lifts. Include the possible cost you might have to spend for the service callouts and the parts that need to be replaced, in case.

If the price of the used stair lift is really that low but it would make you spend a great deal of money in the future, might as well buy a new one, in stead of having to put up with the hassles of calling maintenance and all others. And make sure to check that the model and rail are still available from the manufacturer before buying.

It will totally save you troubles and unnecessary expenses if you do research and give it a really serious thought before buying a used stair lift. If you will have to buy privately, be cautious.

Check if the stair lift is indeed suitable for your stairs and that it would not compromise your safety. Now, if you are purchasing from a dealer, you have to ascertain whether the used stair lift the dealer is selling is a second-hand stair lift of a reconditioned stair lift.

Understand that these are two different things.