If you are, then you should be very picky and careful. Always keep in mind that you are buying the mechanical appliance for the convenience, safety and protection of your sick, handicapped or older loved one at home.

There are advantages in going for the used electric stair lift option but bear in mind the disadvantages as well since this machine should be functional and very safe.

The main advantage really is the inexpensive cost. The price you pay for a brand new system could already give you 2 used electric stair lifts. If you shop around very carefully, you can stumble upon a used one that is of very good quality or almost new.

But be smart in choosing a used stair lift. Most of these systems have probably been overused already, thus the very cheap price tag. It is not advisable then, to get such since you will eventually encounter a lot of problems in the future like used warranty, frequent repair, obsolete parts, or defective mechanism.

It will also be difficult to find a ready rail that will match your staircase since these stair lifts are always customized according to the measurements of a specific stairway.

If you do find an almost matching rail, you will still need to make a few adjustments on it so it will work well with your staircase at home.

It shouldn’t always be about the price, always remember that there are other factors that need to be satisfied and one of these is the condition of the person who will use it. Be careful not to overlook this when purchasing a used electric stair lift.