The first question that comes to mind when you think of installing stairlifts in your home is ‘should I buy a stair lift or to rent it?’ Both the options should be considered on a reasonable basis like if you want stairlift for a temporary purpose then renting it must be preferred over buying it and vice-versa. However, stairlift rentals do have a certain amount edge over buying in terms of benefits which can be derived.

If you are renting stairlifts, then you are not required to make any bigger payment as in case of purchase where you are required to make full payment at once. So a stairlift rental is an economical option as compared to purchasing it. Further, you need to make extra payment as installation cost in case you are purchasing stairlifts, but in stairlift rental you are not required to make this extra payment as the monthly rent includes this cost.

Time factor is also an important point to consider. If you need the stair lift for a shorter period of time, then renting it is a better option otherwise buying it should be preferred. Before you go through with stair lift rental contract, read the terms and conditions of the contract and read them carefully and see that you have gotten everything written in the contract.

As a security deposit, you will be asked to deposit some amount which normally ranges from $1000-$2000 which covers the installation, maintenance and breakdown (if any) costs. Further, the normal monthly rental amount ranges from $100-$200.