Stairs become a challenge as people get older or suffer from a medical condition, which makes going up and down stairs a difficult. Difficulty with stairs can make home life difficult. Some people have had to make a bedroom downstairs and can no longer use the second floor of their home. Many people have sold their homes because they could no longer use the stairs. Selling a home today is not easy and Summit Stairlifts offer a viable solution.

The Summit Stairlifts are affordable and easy to install. The stairlift is mounted to the stairs instead of the wall. It can be mounted on either side of the staircase. This allows for flexibility in choosing the best location to mount the lift. In addition, the home does not have to be modified to accommodate the lift.

The Summit Stairlifts can be used for stairs up to 20 feet. The aluminum track will be cut at the factory to fit your stair measurements. You will not have to worry about the fit. The track only takes up 10 inches of step space. This will allow enough room to walk up and down the stairs. The chair can be folded up when the system is not in use.

This brand of stairlift is known for being strong and durable. A person that weighs up to 300 pounds can use the lift and the seat is adjustable. People up to 500 pounds can use the Summit MAX. The seat includes a swivel feature to allow easy access. The swivel feature also makes it easy and safe when exiting the chair. This allows a person to feel independent without the need for assistance while using the stairlift.

Summit Stairlifts also provide many safety features. A safety switch will not allow the lift to operate if the chair is not in the proper position, In addition, the footrest safety feature will stop the lift if the footrest encounters an object on the stairs. The lift contains a limit switch, which will automatically shut the unit off at the bottom or top of the stairs.

You can also order Summit Stairlifts for an outside staircase. The outdoor model features a weather tight seat and unit cover. It is designed to withstand most weather conditions and the unit cover provides additional protection from outdoor elements.

The chair is available in vinyl or leather. In addition, you can request folding arms for an additional charge. The controls can be mounted on either armrest to make it more comfortable for those that may be left-handed.

Summit Stairlifts are low maintenance and made of high quality materials. You do not have to be concerned that the installation will cause any damage to walls since it is mounted directly on the stairs.

If you or a loved one is having difficulty climbing stairs, the Summit Stairlifts will provide you with a safe and affordable solution. Whether you need an indoor or outdoor lift, you will find Summit Stairlifts are a fantastic option.

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