Straight Rail Stair Lifts.

If you need assistance going up or down stairs a chair lift can be a perfect solution. These lifts come in two basic types, straight and curved. While one type is different then the other they will both have a motorized chair to sit in while you ride up or down the stairs on a rail system.

You will find many features and options vary to fit your needs. For example with the some lifts you can purchase a power operated seat that swivels automatically at the top landing for easy exit from the lift. This is a great feature for someone who may also have limited upper mobility and will assist to safely transfer from the chair to the landing.

To customize basic options you should be able to adjust the seat and footrest heights at the time of insallation. Most models will come standard with a fold up the seat, footrest and armrest to save space. With many models you can even choose the color of the seat upholstery. If you have limited space at the bottom landing you can purchase a folding rail to maintain clearances at bottom landing corridors or passageways.

All seats should come equipped with a seatbelt for safety and remote call-send controls that allow you to call the lift while at an opposite landing. Also standard all models have sensors, which can detect anything in the path of the stair lift.