You may be in a position where a member of your family will require some assistance in climbing the stairs. If so, you will want to ensure you install the highest quality product you can.

It is advisable, therefore, to explore the variety of leading suppliers within the market. Stannah Stair Lifts are one of the most prominent figures in providing mobility products for the elderly or handicapped and have developed a worthy reputation for quality that has spread across the world.

Based in the UK; where they are often used synonymously for all stair lifts, Stannah have been manufacturing practical lifts since the 1860s and began developing and creating mobility stair lifts in the 1970s. Since then, Stannah Stair Lifts have progressed to being the leading developer of chair lifts and other mobility aids around the world. Their long years of experience and adherence to the original family values means Stannah stair lifts are one of the most reliable and well produced products available. Stannah Stair Lifts also keep a strong focus aimed towards innovative design, meaning a Stannah stair lift will provide ride quality and standard of the highest level.

Putting the Customer First

To ensure that your Stannah stair lift is perfect for your home, Stannah take a lot of time and effort to communicate with customers about their personal needs. They also take advantage of the finest design techniques so that your stair lift fits perfectly into your stair case whether it is a simple straight rail or a more complex, curved design.

Stannah stair lifts are also rigorously checked to ensure they meet their own high standards of safety. They offer a very efficient maintenance service in the event of any problems after installation and also offer a ‘buyback’ service if your stair lift is no longer required.Buying a Stannah stair lift guarantees the provision of a high quality product for your home, and ensures a comfortable, secure ride for the length of its installation. This makes them a wonderful choice to assist the mobility of your whole family.

For more information, visit the Stannah website.