Arthritis is something that restricts the movements primarily amongst elderly people and this hinders them to climb stairs owing to join pain. This is where a stairlift comes into picture as these provide a chair that is mechanically escalated through the staircase so that even the elderly can climb the stairs without having to move even a single muscle.

Acorn is a company that specializes in stairlifts as their innovative mechanism facilitates swivel seats that are lockable along with paddle controls, safety belts, etc. The paddle switches of the machine have been conveniently installed on the arm handle which in turn controls the movement of the stairlift. If the stairlift is stationary, then there are two remote controls that have been provided with the machine that serve the purpose of controlling the stairlift’s movementwithout any hassles as such. There are two buttons one of which is present at the bottom of the stairs whereas the other one is at the top of the stairs. So in case if you are standing at the bottom of the stairs, then you can call the stairlift from the bottom of the staircase just by pressing the button that is given there. Same goes for the top.

Seat belts have been given which ensure that the person sitting on the chair stays put and does not slip off the chair while it is in motion.