Many people get to have this dilemma whether to just resolve to purchase a stair lift or to opt for a stair lift rental. Of course, if you come to think of it, renting will cost you less. This is the first thing that one will consider. You might already have it in mind that you will be able to save a lot of money if you will just rent.

Pensioners with very little funds can benefit from a lesser initial payment compared to the original purchase price. At the same time, the standard monthly payments can make the setting up a more practical option.

However, there is a very serious need to consider both options. Renting a stair lift could be a good option only if you are going to use the stair lift for a brief period of time. You may find that the monthly fees are more convenient, but if you are going to use the stair lift for a long period of time, it might not be the same case.

If you will use the stair lift for a longer period of time you will notice that you are actually paying more than the initial cost if you purchase it from the start.

There is a need for you to fully understand what is included in the agreement prior to your decision to rent a stair lift unit. Be sure to examine the whole thing in the contract including the information written in small print.

You may need to ask several relevant questions and it is best to confirm your understanding with any representative from the stair lift company or manufacturer of your choice.

Your concerns should also be communicated and if possible, include them all in writing. You have to take note that rental packages may be presented another way and may look as if cheaper than they actually are. So, be very shrewd in coming up to a decision.

In renting a stair lift, you should look ahead to paying a deposit, which can range from $965 to $1,931. The deposit costs typically consists of the initial installation, the power supply, maintenance, the removal charge in case the stair lift is no longer needed and the expense for the first three months. Subsequent to three months, you can look forward to paying a lesser monthly fee ranging from $96 to $193.

Stair lift rentals are in general not available for other types of stair lift with the exception of the regular straight lift. You can in fact request for assistance from the manufacturer of your choice if you are unsure of what type of stair lift your stair case require.

You can also check online for sites that make available measuring guides. In addition, you have to know that stair lift companies will only offer you limited stair lift colors and designs since rentals are normally pre-used models.