Stair Lifts. As the name suggests, are support systems along stair to move up and down from one floor to another. A stair lift features a chair, a carriage and railing against stairs. It is more useful to elders and handicapped member of a house which cannot use stairs. However, their installation can be quite expensive and unaffordable.

Sometimes, circumstances may arrive which ask for the need of stair lifts in the house for a short period of time say 1 or 2 or even 3 months. For example, arrival of some friend or relative for few days or months who is handicap or old enough not to move up or down the stairs.

So for their convenience, you would be better off renting a stair lift instead of buying it and buying may prove you expensive, given that you need it for a short period of time.

So it becomes a necessity to keep in mind some points before renting a stair lift:

1. Decide, whether it will be in your interest to purchase the stair lift or renting it will be more beneficial to you. If you need the lift for 3 or say 4 months, then appropriate thing would be to rent it, otherwise make a purchase of it.

2. Search for a good stair lift service provider at reasonable cost. You can browse on the internet or ask for it from nearby rehab or physical therapy centre.

3. Various service providers various solutions. For example, most service providers come up with short term (upto 10 months) and long term rental plan (more than 10 months).

4. While signing the contract, make sure that there are no hidden costs and you will not be charged over and above the agreed price.

5. Each plan whether it is a short term or long term requires installation, maintenance and removal and all these involve cost which normally ranges from $1200 to $2000 and is a minimum cost to you that you will have to occur. Further, monthly rent of $100-$200 will be added to your monthly cost. So consider all these costs before finalising the contract.

6. Cost that is incurred to install stair lifts on curved stairs is always higher than the cost that is incurred on the installation of stair life on straight stairs. So keep this in mind while choosing the type of installation.

7. Your may want stair lifts to be installed in the interior or exterior. Service providers mostly offer interior assembly and many of them do not even offer exterior assembly. So be clear on where you want the assembly and you need not to worry about its maintenance as it will all be on the service provider, if the stair life is on rent.