This website will help you to find the right Stair Lift Rental.

When budget is a primary concern during your quest for a stairlift, you may want to consider cost effective stair lift rental. The initial outlay of money is much lower, and certain users may only need a stairlift for a shorter amount of time (eg. Your child suffers a sports injury and can’t walk properly for a few months while it heals) – this makes stair lift rental of used stairlifts a sensible option.

Stairlift rental agreements often involve no minimum contract period. This flexibility is perfect, and allows the user to essentially only pay for what they use when renting a recycled stairlift. A 24 hour support service is often included in the agreement, meaning that if anything goes wrong with your rental stair lift, a maintenance technician will be on-call to help you out.

Stairlift rental also encourages peace of mind, as the user need not worry about servicing or maintenance costs – these are included in your monthly premium.

As you are renting a used stairlift, you will need to accept that it may not closely match the decor of your house. While this may not be a problem for those looking purely for a practical solution, it could be enough to convince some people to purchase a custom stairlift that matches their home.

Stairlift Rental Costs

Standard installations of Straight Stairlift units start at around $600. This covers fitting and removal at the end of the rental term. The monthly charge usually hovers around the $75 mark, but you can probably find a better price if you search hard enough online. This initial cost is far less than the potential thousands you would have to fork out in a lump sum to purchase a stairlift outright. Keep in mind that it only makes financial sense to rent a stairlift if you anticipate short to medium term usage. Any prolonged rental for a number of years could end up costing you more than the full purchase price of a new model!

It is worth carefully reading every detail in the contract before signing up for a stairlift rental agreement. You must be very clear about all the associated costs and the exact terms of your support policy. Ensure that the agreement covers in detail the maintenance and service level costs and expectations. You don’t want to have your used stairlift break down in the middle of the night and be left high and dry because your agreement doesn’t actually include 24 hour support!

Sometimes stairlift companies may try and charge you with hidden costs once your contract has started (eg. folding rail installation, power point too far away), so it is always advisable to have everything in writing – don’t ever rely on a verbal promise.

Stairlift rental can be very worthwhile for a number of reasons – just be smart about the questions you ask and the vendor you choose. Unlike some second hand cars, used stairlifts are generally fully refurbished and in excellent condition, meaning that you could save some serious cash and yet still enjoy all the benefits of a standard stairlift if renting a stairlift is your choice.