Stair lifts are mostly used in homes where a family member or a regular visitor has problem climbing up the stairs. This technology helps the person in getting around without worrying about getting involved into an accident.

These days installing a stair lift at home has become very simple and gives you the benefit of having a home, which is more accessible to everybody. This is best for the people who have less mobility to move around the house, specially climbing the stairs. With the help of this device they can move around with ease.

When you go to purchase a stair lift kit for your home, make sure of a few things. The stair lift has to fit the size and space of the flight of your stairs as you have to install it once and for all. This may look bit complicated in the beginning. But the present day technology has made the whole process very easy. You can install the stair lift with just the provided kit, a hammer, a level and a screwdriver. You should consult the manual given along with the kit before going any further than the opening of the kit. But it has always been that the procedure is very easy to fit the device than to explain the procedure itself.

You may also refer to these easy steps given below.

  1. Usually a set of three brackets come with the kit, one for the top of the stair, one at the bottom and the last one fits in the middle somewhere. Placing the track on the side of the wall by the stairs you have to attach the brackets to the steps with right fitment.
  2. The stair lift comes with a wire that lets the lift come back to the bottom once it has reached top, carefully feed it through the track towards the top from the bottom.
  3. Very important procedure to be followed now. Installing the track on to the stairs with the seat. It should be set between the two tracks where the upper track lay on the lower track.  After screwing them you have to attach combined track to the three brackets from step (a). The track should be level so the seat may not get stuck. Once the track is attached to the stair you must screw the seat into the track with appropriate screws.
  4. A pulley comes along in the kit that makes the chair go up and down the stair case. Once you install this particular chain in the middle of the track, right at the centre you can slide the pulley up and down resistance free.
  5. One last cable to power the lift is required here. This cable is to be put into the track through a slot which is made for the cable. Once it has been put through you can plug in the power cord into the track’s bottom portion and finally plug it to a wall outlet to test your stair lift.