This website will help you to find the right Secondhand Stairlifts.

If you really want to take care of the mobility impaired people in your life but money is an issue, then you should consider buying secondhand stairlifts. You can potentially save yourself thousands of dollars, depending on the final price you pay for the used stair lift.

Where to purchase second hand stairlifts

There are many places where you can look to purchase second hand stair lifts, so let’s look at some handy tips to help you out. First of all, you should check the Internet. You might find some local listings of sellers who are looking to quickly sell their unwanted stairlifts, which means you may be able to get a great bargain! You could also try checking the classifieds section of your local newspapers.

Next you can try a stairlift trader when searching for a second hand stairlift at the price that is right for you. You have more chance of picking up a reconditioned stair lift from a trader or dealer than if you purchased via private sale. You may also be able to obtain a limited warranty when purchasing through a trader. This may help you out in the long term if your second hand stairlift develops any mechanical problems. Service calls for stairlifts do cost money (not to mention the cost of second hand parts), and it is a part of the equation that many potential used stairlift buyers forget to calculate.

Secondhand stairlift advice

While used Stair chair lifts are cost effective, keep in mind that they have been specifically installed for a certain staircase. You may find that migrating the second hand stairlift to your own house may involve some aesthetic compromise, as the decor might not match. There is also the issue of fit, as somebody else’s curved stairlift rail may not follow the same contour as your staircase at home. This advice applies to Straight Stairlifts as well, as sometimes the angle of the stairs may not be the same.

Make sure you ask any stairlift trader you are dealing with if what you are buying is simply used or actually reconditioned. There is a huge difference, and you could avoid many problems in future if you pay a few extra dollars to pick up that refurbished unit instead of the used one which is about to fall apart!

If buying a second hand stairlift is still going to break your budget, then another cost saving solution is to consider stair lift rentals.