We live in a world where apartments and large houses are the craze, with a number of floors to choose from. But for some it is quite difficult to live in a place where there are stairs. For people who are old, handicapped and weaker, stairs are the enemies. But in the world we live in, there is no dearth in technology. There is nothing that technology cannot make easy, and for this problem as well, we look into technology to solve.

In comes Savaria B07 Stair Lift. It’s a state of the art featured work with AC power or can even be powered by battery unit. It comes with a robust aluminum rail that that ensures it is held upright and works to travel a distance of 32 feet. With the choice of installing it either on the left or the right side of the stairway, the system is designed to suit your needs keeping in mind of the availability of the area as well. The device works with the help of a roller chain coupled to a ½ HP motor.  The interesting piece of the device is the seat that has the ability to swivel at the top of the stairs and at the bottom too, making angular positions at 45 and 90 degrees.

Savaria B07 Stair Lift is known to run on 120VAC or 24V DC with a charging system that give continuous backup. While the battery option of the device is advisable when used for residential operation. The seat opens up to be approximately 18” wide and when not in use, the seat can be folded in.

For the sake of comfort and knowing how difficult it might be for troubled people, the device is made with special padded armrests with a comfortable footrest too. All these features come with appropriate controls, with which you can make the right variations for the seat and the footrest, lowered or raised; it all depends on your comfort level. These wireless controls are placed at a comfortable distance at arms’ length, from where you can regulate your way up and down.

Let’s say that you need to go up the stairs and the device is on the top of the stairs. Well in this case, there is a set of call controls that would be installed at both ends of the stairs, at the top and at the bottom. All you need to do is just press a button and the device will come to you.

It moves at a steady pace and would be a smooth ride. For certain stairs which swerve and go up even further, there are specific models that suit these conditions. With the specifications you require, you can acquire the Savaria B07 Stair Lift and enjoy the luxury of traveling up the stairs and back in style and with ease.