Purchasing a stairlift comes with its own set of repercussions as it is usually said that these machines do not have a good value of resale in case someone wants to sell them off. Usually stairlifts come with a 1500 Euros price tag but if a person is fortunate enough, then he can get a resale value of 250-300 Euros but definitely not more than that.

Nowadays there are curved stairlifts as well which come under a hefty price tag of 4000-6000 Euros and the resale value of these staircases is even more disappointing as one can only get about 300-500 Euros for that since these curved stairlifts are usually customizable on the basis of design of individual staircases. Thus there is no solution to this which is a reason why more and more people are on the lookout for second hand stairlifts rather than first hand as second hand stairlifts give a lot of scope for saving and also these stairlifts do not easily come defective.

There are a lot of dealers around who claim to be authorized sellers of stairlifts so the buyers should always remain cautious regarding the credibility of the seller as well as the authenticity of the product. Buying a defective stairlifts can be disastrous for your grandparents.