Installing a stair lift is quite a pleasant idea when you have a two-storey house or more than that. It might be a tiring job that you have to walk all the way up and then again down, all day long. So here, stair lift is just the right option for you. But before you install it, there might be hundreds of questions striking your mind, regarding the labour charge, installation configuration etc. so here are the answers to questions, asked most frequently by the customers.

Should I install the stair lift myself or should I hire someone?

There are several customers who took the initiative of going through the manual before installing the Stair Lift and then themselves that done the set up. This can be done in case of straight Stair Lifts but when it comes to the curved ones, you need to hire a special engineer for this. The installers are available from the dealers itself. They don’t charge you with too high price. Their range can vary from $125 to $500, but this is for only the straight ones.

Should I buy a new stair lift, a reconditioned stair lift, or a used stair lift?

When the factor is about money, I must say it plays a major role. When your budget is not that high, you can go for a second hand model, which will be quite cheaper than the new one. In this case, you have to be very careful regarding the working condition of the Chair Lift. Before accepting it from the seller, you should check it carefully. You can go for a technical machine that will help you inspect the condition of the Chair Lift.

There is a vast difference between buying it from a private seller or a re conditioned machine, directly from the dealer. When you buy it from the dealer, they are likely to replace all the worn out parts of the Chair Lift. Some of them provides you guarantee as well.

The best is if you buy a new Stair Lift. There the guarantee period is quite high and it is likely to last longer but is will be quite a huge blow to your pocket.

What is a best stair lift for me? Should I buy seated stair lift, perched stair lift, or buy a standing stair lift?

This completely depends on the size of the space you want to leave for the Stair Lift. If you have wide range of stairs with perfect accommodation, then you can simply order for a seated Stair Lift. They are scientifically the best ones as the Centre of Gravity is the lowest, in this case. For added safety, you can opt for a seat belt as well. But remember, when you have a narrow space, you have to chose a standing Chair Lift.