///Unique Wellness Absorbent Breathable Underpad, 30″ x 36″

Unique Wellness Absorbent Breathable Underpad, 30″ x 36″

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  • 9500ml+ Capacity
  • Air Flowing
  • Non-Woven Material
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The Wellness Absorbent BREATHABLE Underpad is an added level of protection to our Unique Wellness Incontinence Program. With its 9500ml+ capacity and Liquistay system, you can rest assured that the bed will remain DRY at all times. Its air flowing non-woven material allows the user to feel like they are sleeping directly on their actual bedsheets! Through our program, only 3 DRY changes are needed every 24 hours compared to an average of 5-7 or more WET changes with other products. This also results in savings of up to 70%!! Using the Wellness® Absorbent Underwear or Brief is as simple as one DRY change prior to bed, one in the morning, and one in the middle of the day. It feels nearly as DRY when taken off as when originally put on. What makes our approach revolutionary is that it’s based on SCHEDULED CHANGES rather than the common approach of changing them whenever they are WET. Those living with incontinence now have all the control, comfort, and confidence that comes from knowing they need never fear embarrassing accidents at work, on long commutes, trips, or at social gatherings. They can also have a comfortable full nights rest.


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