///Nova Ortho-Med Tub Shower Board

Nova Ortho-Med Tub Shower Board

$91.34 $62.99


  • Dual port enteral connector
  • Purple color to denote enteral feeding
  • Weighted feeding tubes with and without flow-through stylets
  • Coated with Hydromer hydrophilic lubricant
  • Radiopaque polyurethane material
  • Y-Port connector
  • Centimeter (CM) markings


Provide effective feeding using The Dobbhoff Nasogastric Feeding Tube with Safe Enteral Connection by Covidien. Engineered safety controls; feeding ports are incompatible with Luer-lock or I.V. connectors thus reducing the risk of accidental connection or infusion. Purple feeding port indicates nutritional port, not I.V. access. Available with and without flow through stylets offering product flexibility. Coated with Hydromer hydrophilic lubricant allowing for ease of stylet removal and tube insertion. Radiopaque, polyurethane material is easily identifiable on x-ray or fluoroscope. The Y-port connector provides the ability to manage the tube and deliver medication/flush without having to disconnect the feeding adapter. Centimeter (CM) markings easily detect tube migration and depth placement.


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