////Medline K4 Extra-Wide Swing Back Lightweight Wheelchairs

Medline K4 Extra-Wide Swing Back Lightweight Wheelchairs

$352.34 $242.99


  • Constructed with a Durable Tig-Welded Frame in Gray Powder Coat Finish
  • Comfortable Nylon Upholstery
  • Upholstered and Padded Calf-Pads and Swing-back Arms with Easy Flip Back Arm Release
  • Available with Detachable Legrest or Detachable Elevating Legrest.
  • Available with Swing Back Desk Length and Swing Back Height Adjustable Desk Length
  • Solid Flat-Free Latex Tires with Quick release axles.
  • Dual Axle Hemi-Height Adjustable; Adjustable-Height Back


Give your patients extra mobility with this K4 Extra-Wide Swing Back Lightweight Wheelchairs. It is constructed with a Durable tig-welded frame in gray powder coat finish that can handle weight up to 350 lbs. It has solid flat-free latex tires with quick release axles to ensure smooth maneuverability on indoor and outdoor terrains and allows tool-free removal of rear wheels. It is equipped with a comfortable nylon upholstery, upholstered and padded calf-pads and swing-back arms with easy flip back arm release, and detachable footrest and detachable elevating footrest. This wheelchair also comes with an adjustable dual axle hemi-height and adjustable height back which can be adjusted easily to accommodate your desired height.


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