////Johnson & Johnson DYNA FLEX Compression System

Johnson & Johnson DYNA FLEX Compression System

$27.54 $18.99


  • Three-layer System
  • Faster to Apply than Four-layer Systems
  • Helps to Reduce Edema
  • Packaged in Resealable, Waterproof Pouch
  • Delivers Sustained Compression for 7 Days


Deliver sustained compression to your injury with this DYNA-FLEX Multi-Layer Compression System. This Compression System is designed to provide sustained compression up to 7 days to help reduce edema. It has a unique three-layer system that is faster to apply than a four-layer system. It is also packaged in a re-sealable, waterproof pouch to help protect the Compression System from contamination. The System includes 1 adaptive non-adherent dressing, DYNA-FLEX layer one padding and absorption layer, layer two elastic compression bandage and layer three cohesive compression bandage.


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