EV Rider: Xpress Scooter


Tight turning radius of 38.6″

Large 9.5″ x 3″ tires provide higher ground clearance

Breaks down for easy transport; heaviest part is just 46 lbs.

Includes Batteries

Free Shipping

Max Speed 5 mph

Driving Range 12.5 Miles


4-wheel scooters should really act like 4-wheel scooters but the Rider Xpress just doesn’t want to listen.

With a tight turning radius of 38.6″ and a set of large 9.5″ front tires, the Xpress handles like a 3-wheeler, providing the user with superb manueverability and excellent control. It features a fully functional suspension, with an articulated front end and a shock absorber in the rear. It’s designed to travel over 12 miles on a single charge and breaks down into five lightweight pieces for simple transport in car trunks and on airplanes. Backed by a limited three-year warranty, the Xpress also features a set of anti-tippers for the user’s safety as well as a convenient basket for personal belongings and plenty of leg room for a smooth, comfortable ride.


4-wheel scooter with the turning ability of a 3-wheeler

Fully functional suspension; articulated front end and mono-shock absorber in rear

Large 9.5″ x 3″ tires provide higher ground clearance

Aluminum alloy wheels with flat-free tires

Weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Breaks down into five pieces for transport and storage; heaviest part is just 46 lbs.

Standard transaxle and 70 amp controller

Driving range of 12.5 miles

Electromagnetic brake system

Maximum speed of 5 mph

Free Shipping


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