///Drive Medical Hip High Chair

Drive Medical Hip High Chair

$775.74 $534.99


  • Urinary Leg Bag
  • Pleated Sides Bag
  • Integral Connector Buttons
  • Ease of Emptying
  • Vented Leg Bag
  • Extension Tubing with Vacuum Relief Valve and Fabric Leg Bag Straps
  • Latex Free
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Designed to be discreet and maintain a low profile, The Hollister Vented System Combination Pack includes Contains 1 vented leg bag, 1 extension tubing (18″) with vacuum relief valve, and 1 pair of fabric leg bag straps (23″). Urinary leg bag combination pack safely and easily conducts urine through its drain valve. This bag improves the flow by eliminating the ‘vacuum effect’ created by high flow rates in the catheter and tubing. Quality materials result in soft, comfortable, durable bags and pleats provide a discreet profile. The wide, woven fabric straps are comfortable and stay in place. Safely and easily conducts urine through its drain valve which is easy to open and closes securely even with limited dexterity. Protected buttons on the bags significantly decrease the risk of pressure points. Anti-reflux valve prevents urine backflow into the tubing.


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