Deroyal Multidex Powder Wound Dressing

$34.79 $23.99


  • Hydrophilic Maltodextrin NF Wound Dressing
  • Quickly Fills Wound Site
  • Decreases Purulent Exudate
  • Softens Necrotic Tissue – For Debridement
  • Controls Odor
  • Available as Powder and Gel Dressing


The Deroyal Multidex Powder Wound Dressing is a hydrophilic Maltodextrin NF wound dressing that promotes the growth of granulation tissue and epithelial proliferation. It quickly fills the wound site and rapidly mixing with the exudate to create a protective coating to maintain moisture balance. This dressing is available as a powder for moist wound and as a gel for dry and minimally draining wounds.


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