////Derma Sciences Primer Unna Boot Dressing

Derma Sciences Primer Unna Boot Dressing

$10.14 $6.99


  • Soft Cotton Gauze
  • Infused with Zinc Oxide
  • Gelatin Free – Prevent Hardening and Caking
  • Safe and Effective Treatment for Leg Diseases
  • Contains Calamine


The Derma Sciences Primer Modified Unna Boot Dressing with Calamine is soft cotton gauze infused with nonhardening zinc oxide paste. This is ideal for managing lymphatic edema, venous stasis ulcers, thrombophlebitis, minor sprains, strains, fractures. It is gelatin-free that helps to prevent the hardening or caking of the bandage.

GL3001C is a replacement for GLN3001C.
GL4001C is a replacement for GLN4001C.


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