///Covidien (Kendall) Tracheostomy Care Trays

Covidien (Kendall) Tracheostomy Care Trays

$5.06 $3.49


  • All Necessary Components – For Care and Cleaning
  • Compact and Disposable
  • Twill Tape/Tracheostomy Tube Holder
  • Bristles on Brush – Easy to Clean Inner Cannula
  • Sterile, Single-use
  • Latex-Free


The Covidien Tracheostomy Care Trays with Latex Gloves is designed to provide exactly what is required for quick and efficient tracheostomy care procedures. The trays include 2 Safeskin purple nitrile gloves, 3 solution basins, CSR wrap, 6″ trach brush, drape, 3 pipe cleaners, four 4 X 4″ gauze sponges, 30″ twill tape, three 4 X 4″ nonwoven trach dressings and three 6″ cotton-tipped applicators.

6842201 is a replacement for KND42201.


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