Covidien (Kendall) Kerlix A.M.D. Rolls

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  • Antimicrobial Gauze Dressing Roll
  • Provides Effective Protection Against: Gram Negative, Gram Positive, and Fungi/Yeast Microorganisms including MRSA And VRE
  • Resists Colonization Within Dressing
  • Reduces Bacterial Penetration Through Dressing
  • Limits cross-contamination from patient to patient, patient to clinician, and patient to the environment
  • Sterile


Protect your wounds from harmful contaminants with this Kerlix A.M.D. Rolls. It is an antimicrobial gauze dressing roll saturated with PHMB (Polyhexamethylene Biguanide) to withstand bacteria from penetrating and colonizing the dressing and limiting cross-contamination from patient to patient, patient to a clinician, and patient to the environment. It works perfectly against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and fungi/yeast microorganisms including VRE and MRSA. This Roll is a low cost, prophylactic method of treatment for healthcare facilities without any worries of changing the nursing protocol.

683332 is a replacement for KND3332.


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