////Coloplast Woun’Dres Collagen Hydrogel Dressing

Coloplast Woun’Dres Collagen Hydrogel Dressing

$34.79 $23.99


  • Promotes Faster Healing
  • Soothes and Reduces Pain
  • Fills Wound Cavity
  • Transparent – Allows Wound Inspection without Removing Gel
  • Applies and Removes Easily
  • Latex-Free


The Coloplast WOUN’DRES Collagen Hydrogel rehydrates dry wounds and eschar with a moist wound environment and autolytic debridement. This is a clear gel that allows visual inspection of wounds without removing the gel. It contains panthenol and allantoin that work to stimulate tissue growth and maintain an optimal balance of moisture.

627690 is a replacement for COL7690.


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