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Get a “made to go” power chair. Are you looking for a safe and easy way to get around? We have the power chair to meet your every need and price range. With power chairs from Golden Technology, Drive Medical, Evermed and more, we can help you out.

Power or electric wheelchairs provide the benefits of a manual wheelchair without the need of carer assistance, greatly improving your independence. If you suffer from upper body disability or have little strength then this type of chair may assist. Modern power wheelchairs are reliable, comfortable and easy to operate, and can be equipped with features such as kerb climbers.

Convenience of a powered over Manual Wheelchairs.

Before buying a power wheelchair your must consider you physical and development factors such as posture, coordination and visual perception. While once the manual wheelchair was the very first choice due to issues with mobility wheelchairs, things have greatly changed. Most good models on the market today come with fast turnaround warrwarranties, and the engine and battery life have greatly improved.

Types of Powered Wheelchairs

There are two main types of electric wheelchairs:

Traditional style

Traditional electric wheelchairs look similar to a manual chair and simply incorporate a motor system and battery.

Affixed Seating style

This kind of electric wheelchair is more of a modular chair with a power base and affixed seating system. Such systems usually have adjustable heights, plus a reclining and tilt function.

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