Nutrition for Seniors

As people age numerous things wreck havoc on a person’s body. One saying goes, you’re only as old as you feel. There is a lot of truth to this statement. Take two different men for example, both are 70 years old and that is where the similarities cease. Hank is 70 and he’ll quickly tell you he feels like a spring chicken. He eats a well-balanced diet, adheres to a 20 minute a day work out regimen, visits his doctor more often than he probably has to, and doesn’t smoke or drink. Jeff is the exact opposite. Jeff’s diet consists of whatever’s available, usually this means potato chips and beer. The last time Jeff worked out the moon was virgin to man’s foot. Jeff also smokes two packs of unfiltered cigarettes each day and goes to the doctor only when his wife forces him to. She’s lucky she’s not a widow.

Hank does exactly what one should do. He drinks green tea which is high in antioxidants that fight cancer and abstains from cancer-causing cigarettes and high calorie beer. He eats his fair share of vegetables and fruits and eats sugary foods and high sodium foods like potato chips which are riddled with salt.only in moderation.

He also exercises each and every day. It’s advisable to exercise 30 minutes a day every other day, regardless of your age. Exercising circulates blood through the body and strengthens the heart and lung muscles. One’s body when on a diet and non existent work out regimen like Jeff works harder to everyday tasks and wears down quicker than somebody’s body like Hank’s. Hank’s body works hard but only when exercising and this is a good kind of ‘hard’ so to speak. Work your body out for 30 minutes every other day by exercising instead of working out 24 hours a day by not.

It’s also imperative to visit the doctor. One cannot expect to ever know exactly what’s going on with their body just because they are and own that body. It’s important to have a doctor and a doctor’s sophisticated machines examine your body to determine if you have cancer, diabetes, arthrities, or high choleserol which are all very common at older age groups.

Your body is irreplaceable. They’ve invented computers that can do anything just about, but it will be a long way off before they replace a human’s heart with a piece of metal so take care of it like you should, especially by the time you’ve reached old age. Never forget this as you progress through life not doing what you should be doing and doing what you shouldn’t, you’re bound to end up in the hospital, or ever worse – the morgue. Everyone has family that loves them. If you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for them at least. Every second you exercise and eat right and get a check-up certainly will help your life span more than it will hurt it. On the other spectrum, it’s been proving that smoking, drinking, not exercising, and not be screened for diseases and ailments will shave years off your life. Not seconds, not minutes, not hours, not days, but years. This is time I’m writing about here. Time is a gift we have been given and just like our bodies is irreplaceable. It’s these things that we can’t replace that we need to take care of the most, yet so often end up neglected more than anything else.