Acorn provides a new stairlift fully weather proof for outdoor use. It is endowed with all the special features and ease of Acorn Super-glide Straight Stairlift. A durable water-resistant cover is also available. The Acorn Stairlifts are reliable and easy to use and are reasonable as well. It makes your home accessible again. Acorn Stairlift is the leading brand in the manufacture, installation and innovation of stair-lift.

It specially helps the physically challenged people to climb stairs once again and brings your family together again. And the most remarkable factor is that they don’t displease you with the delivery. You can install it according to your convenience. The strikingly handsome features of Acorn outdoor stair lifts are:

  • Free no obligation consultation
  • Comprehensive 12 month warranty
  • Takes just one hour to be installed.
  • Get the upstairs back.

Whatever be the stair case system of your house, Acorn has the perfect solution for installation.

Their delegates will help you with any kind of problems that you might have related to Acorn Stair-lifts. So just go ahead and have your family love back.