Anyone who has trouble with their legs and a problem walking knows that his or her independence is starting to diminish. However, mobility can be made easier with the many types of modern mobility scooters available, and they help to ensure that you can still visit shops, and socialize with relatives and friends.

Anyone who has trouble with their legs and a problem walking knows that his or her independence is starting to diminish. However, mobility can be made easier with the many types of modern mobility scooters available, and they help to ensure that you can still visit shops, and socialize with relatives and friends.

Many modern scooters are economical to use, and have a low maintenance level. Electric scooters in particular offer these benefits.

You can more easily decide on the right scooter for your needs if you start with being clear about the reasons behind your mobility issue. You will need to decide, for instance, on whether you will use the scooter for mostly outdoor or indoor travel. A compact mobility scooter has better maneuvrability and would therefore be more suitable for inside use, while a solid scooter would be the best choice for outdoors, perhaps even one with four wheels. If you know it will be used on steep hills and to go over curbs, you will surely want to consider more powerful scooter mobility. As a result of their increased stability, they can handle obstacles better than the lighter models meant for level surfaces or indoors.

Things To Consider

Your best option will probably be a compact mobile scooter if you are looking for one that will be mostly used indoors. According to local laws, however, medical scooters must be equipped with taillights and headlights and have the ability to travel at a speed of eights miles per hour, if they are to be used for frequent road use, on grass or pavements. You will surely have an idea of exactly where you will be using your new scooter.

When deciding, think of the routes you will be traveling, and any obstacles you remember facing on these pathways, and at the same time, keep in mind what restrictions you have in your home. For example, consider where you will store your mobility scooter. If your home’s entrance is somewhat narrow, you may find a folding scooter will be the best choice for you. Be aware of the support you require and the leg room you need, to ensure that the purchase you make will be a comfortable fit for you, especially if you will be using the scooter frequently.Some models have a swivel seat to make getting off and on much easier, so you may want this feature.

Traveling will be much more convenient if you have a mobility scooter that is easy to transport if you still drive, or if a family member or friend with a car provides for your transportation. Models that fold down to go into the trunk or back of a car are available, as well as some that can be taken apart and reassembled without the use of tools.


There are several things to consider if you decide that you will be transporting your folding or portable scooter on a regular basis. In order to make the rear part lighter to life, these scooters were designed specially to be light enough to life in and out of a car. They can also be taken part in separate sections, such as the battery, front section, rear wheels and the chair part, to make them lighter to lift.

Mobility scooters can easily be dismantled and placed into the back of a car without presenting any problems. By pulling a lever, both the back and front sections were separated, and when pulling another lever and lifting simultaneously, the scooter is lifted out of the car. All components are ready to be stored away after the handle bars are folded down. Reassembly is also just as easy.

After the owner has become familiar with this process, he or she should then practice driving the mobility scooter before attempting to take it outside and drive it outdoors or in unfamiliar territory. The basics of stopping, starting and steering should be praticed in a quiet and safe area until the person really can handle the scooter well before attempting to use it on the pavement or even taking it outside. When going outside for the first time, be sure you have good weather and plan to go slowly at first until you get more used to driving your mobility scooter.


After you have perfected your driving skills, the next item to learn about reagarding your mobility scooter is maintenance, as this is very important to ensure your machine will last as long as possible. To help ensure that your mobility scooter will have longevity, the most important element of maintenance is probably being sure that it is serviced at regular intervals so that it stays within good condition. The added benefit of having it serviced regularly is that this will ensure that the scooter is safe for you to drive. There are things you can do yourself that helps with your mobile scooter’s maintenance.

To prevent dirt, grit and dust from becoming trapped in the gears and moving parts of your scooter, keep it as clean as you possibly can at all times. Dirt and dust trapped in the machine’s moving parts causes a lot of wear and tear. Keep your machine as dry as you can at all times, also. At certain times it will become wet if you go outside frequently, but you can lessen the risk of it rusting if you dry it off as soon as possible after coming indoors, thereby greatly reducing the possibility of rust damage. Keeping the seat fabric dry will also help lengthen its lifespan. To get the maximum range of travel when using your scooter, and the most use of the battery, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on charging the battery in order to do it correctly.

Safety First

Aside from considering the price when purchasing a scooter, take into account that you want a machine that is safe and reliable. Those items must be a priority over the cost of the machine. Find one that is suitable for your needs and assess the various functions and capabilities of the different models and products carefully. In order to see how secure you find the scooter when driving, test the machine’s stability thoroughly before making a purchase. This will save the inconvenience of trying to exchange the scooter shortly after purchase, as so many customers have a tendency to do.

Check out the safety features if you will use your scooter on the road, such as rear lights, front lights, arm and head rests, rear view mirror, brakes, horn, hazard lights and battery charge indicator. You will want improved suspension, the reverse warning signal, and tires that are puncture proof, for just some of the features available. If you take all of this into consideration and take your time to decide on the perfect scooter for your needs, you will be very satisfied with your scooter for years to come.