Here you will find some important information on Minivators.

The Minivator Group is a leading figure in improving mobility for the elderly or handicapped. Primarily based within the UK, Minivator offer innovative, high quality products aimed at helping the physically challenged overcome the mobility problems they face in their daily lives. Their products are only supplied to authorized dealers of mobility products rather than sold to customers directly, although they do offer an installation service on behalf of these dealers. As well as this, Minivator products are provided to those in need through a government funded scheme in the UK, a sure sign of the high standards of the company and their products.

Whilst Minivator is originally a British company, the expansion of the Minivator Group has taken the company’s influence to a global scale. There are Minivator locations both in Central Europe and the Far East, and the group also includes partnerships with Sterling Stairlifts in the USA. Along with this, the Minivator Group is also commercially linked with Handicare, one of the dominant suppliers of mobility products in Europe, all of which have made Minivator products available to a whole range of new customers around the world.

The global position of the Minivator Group can also be attributed to the high level of research and development the company puts into the design and manufacturing of their products. Minivator prides itself on offering one of the fastest services from order to installation due to its continued development in service operations and has introduced practical adaptations to improve products such as using shorter, sliding tracks that only project past the ends of the staircase when required. This focus on investing in developing future technologies has put Minivator to the forefront of innovation in their products and is what makes them so highly sought after.

The Minivator Group is dedicated to ensuring the needs of its customers are quickly and suitably catered for and, as a result, have set the standards for service and innovative design within the industry.