There are many people who have difficulty climbing up or walking down stairs. If you have mobility problems due to age or a medical condition, you might be unable to climb the stairs safely. For homeowners that have a two-story house, that often means not having access to the second floor. Meditek stairlifts can solve that problem with their innovative line of stairlifts.

There are a number of different companies that make stairlifts. Most produce lifts that are rated to lift about 250 pounds safely. Meditek stairlifts are rated to hold up to 350lbs safely. They are made of extremely durable materials and come with a one-year warranty. If anything goes wrong during the warranty, the lift will be repaired or replaced without charge.

Staircases vary in style and design. Some are straight and others curve and have several landings. Meditek can design a custom system for both straight and curved staircases. They also design stairlifts that can fit into narrow spaces. While most applications are inside the house, it is also possible to have an outdoor stairlift installed if you have stairs in your garden or leading up to your front or back door. Stairlifts designed for exterior applications are completely weatherproof.

Meditek has been in business for more than 15 years. Originally based in Great Britain, the Company now has a facility in the United States as well to serve those on this side of the ocean. Meditek is a member of a number of trade and industry organizations and makes every attempt to act as an environmentally friendly company.

Many people have concerns about operating the stairlift. All Meditek stairlifts have been designed and engineered to operate quietly and with minimal effort. Each system comes with two remote controls that can be mounted at the top and bottom of the stairs or just used by hand. If the chair happens to be at the top of the stairs and you are at the bottom, a simple press of the remote control button will bring your ride back down to you.

Safety is another concern that Meditek addresses. The stairlift is secured to the wall on a track that allows it to glide smoothly up and down the staircase. The chair itself has pressure sensitive edges that can sense when something is in its path and stop. All chairs come with a seatbelt and an optional harness can be purchased for those that need the extra protection.

A key switch can also be included with your stair lift to keep unauthorized user from accessing the lift. All of these safety features are important, particularly in households where small children live or visit.

Other features that make the Meditek stairlift one of the best in the industry include a joystick for easy control and operation and an onboard computer that keeps track of the lift’s performance and reminds the owner when it is time for regular maintenance. There is also an adjustable footrest to help the more immobile riders and hinged tracks that fold away to allow easy access and egress to the adjacent doors and hallways.

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