MediTek, a Stairlift company, will soon reveal two new models, a deluxe model and a brand new budget priced piece. With financial support from the Investing for Growth Initiative program of Yorkshire Bank, the two new models will be unveiled sometime this year.

These units have been designed to meet the right standards and are bound to raise the turnover of the company. MediTek provides Stairlifts of different models and specifications to various countries covering the UK, US, New Zealand, South Africa and Japan. For the next twelve months, the company is counting on these two new models to push its turnover by a whopping 35%. And for the next couple of years, MediTek hopes the sales would increase in the US with the launch of the two models. It is also planning on working with various distributors in Europe in hopes of increasing its range of market by 40 percent.

The managing director of MediTek, Philip Rice confirmed their plans for expanding in the US and in Europe. He believes the US consists of a good market for the company’s products and things will look brighter once they have started their operations. Well we hope that MediTek’s assessment proves to be right.