Before purchasing any stair lifts, one should always make sure of the size of the stair lifts and the way in which it is mounted. To understand the correct mounting position, the first thing a customer should do is to stand on the bottom of the stair lift and find out on which side it is mounted. Many a times the stair lifts are seen mounted in various ways which differs from one company to the other. Another thing one should always remember is that the stair lift should always be settled 14inches away from the wall to prevent it from any type of collision.

Some points to keep in mind while buying any stair lift:

  • The measurement of the stair landings should be around 8-12”, so that one can easily get on and off from a stair lift.
  • Width of the stair case.
  • The bottom of the staircase should have a length difference of 3”.
  • Measure the difference between rises of each step.
  • Measure the difference between tread of each step.
  • Diagonal measurement between each rise of step. This difference should be between noses of the two consecutive steps.

So before buying any stair lift, one should go through the said steps so avoid any type of harm after buying a stair lift.