Lift chair types can be confusing at first, as there are so many available. Despite there being many different styles and designs on the market, we will focus on some of the more common types of lift chairs. Knowing what to look for ahead of time will enable you to make a more informed decision and to ask more useful questions when in discussion with a sales person.

One Position Chair

This chair is very simple. It is a regular chair with the lift device added to it. These chairs frequently look like wingback or even dining chairs that you may already own. The lift mechanism makes it easier to get in and out of the chair and is the best model for those looking for something that works with the furniture that is already in the home or who prefer not to recline.

These are also good budget chairs, because they are lower cost, due to the lack of options.

Two Position Chair

As it sounds, this is a more standard chair. It offers a mechanism to enable you to get in and out of the chair with ease. While seated, you can opt for a 45 degree position or sit upright.

Three Position Chairs

This model allows you to choose from three different positions. One is upright, more like a regular kitchen chair. You can also select a 45 degree angle, the most preferred when it comes to reading or watching a movie. Finally, you can recline the chair completely and lay back to sleep or rest.

Like other lift chair types, this one has a control to move the chair back into a position where you can get up easily.

Infinite Position Chairs

These are unlike most other lift chairs because they have multiple motors. One motor handles the reclining seat and another manages the foot rest, adjusting the height to what is comfortable for you. The hand control lets you change the positions of both the seat and the foot rest to your liking.

Because of the dual motors, you have a wide range of combinations to try so you will be most comfortable.

Bariatric Chair

Another choice that is particularly popular in lift chairs is the Bariatric Lift Chair which can hold excess weight.

Most lift chairs can handle around 300 pounds, but for those who are heavier, the bariatric lift chair types are good for over 500 pounds. They are also larger and use dual motors to handle the extra weight.

Zero Gravity Chair

Like the infinite position lift chair types, this Zero Gravity chair places you in a special position with your legs above your heart and offers a gap between the torso and thighs. This is a good position for those with bad circulation, lung problems or pain in the lower back.

Wall Hugger

This type of chair is useful for smaller spaces. The chair would normally need to be at least a foot and a half to two feet from the wall in order to recline, but the wall hugger cna recline even when close to a wall. These chairs are usually three position lift chairs.

Other Choices

You will find that most lift chair types come with additional options and features to choose from. These include everything from food trays that fold away, arm rest pockets and massage functions. They may also include mattress covers to keep the chair clean, as well as heated backs for those with pain issues. Overall, lift chairs come in a wide range of choices, so choose the one that suits your needs best.