Falls from stairs are one of the biggest causes of injury, hospitalization and deaths among senior citizens across the United States.

Falls can be prevented by avoiding the stairs, but it will mean avoiding a potentially large part of your home and life. Relying on a nurse or installing an elevator can be convenient but they are expensive too.

Thus, if you are in search of a convenient as well as economical means to go up and down you house, then a stair lift is the best option for you.

A stair lift is a mechanical device that lifts people and even a wheelchair up and down stairs. Also known as stair lifts and stair gliders, this mechanical device can be installed on sufficiently wide stairs.

A rail is mounted on the wall beside the stairs or to the treads of the stairs. A lifting platform such as a chair is attached to the rail, which can lift the user up and down stairs. A stair lift is easy to install, and many people opt to install this lifting aid on their own.

Stair lifts, which were first produced commercially and sold in the United States in 1930s by the Inclinator Company of America, are very helpful for the aged and disabled individuals.