A disabled stair lift is really an important discovery, keeping in mind the plights of a disabled person. It is the best choice for the disabled people as far as vertical movements are concerned. They can use it to move themselves above the ground level. They provide a better freedom to the physically challenged ones who wants to climb the stairs. For instance, in the United Kingdom it is mandatory to have stair lifts in every public building specifically for the use of the physically challenged people.

They are designed in a smart way, so that the wheel-chairs can fit into the stair lifts without any hassle. It can port the disabled persons from one floor to another. It helps the wheelchair users to loco mote on the platform and it can be lifted to any desired level. The technology involved in the disabled stair lifts is quite ancient, but it has developed with the course of time and has increased the self-confidence of the disabled people as well.They were generally used on the back of vans and trucks.

With its use, the owner is able to place the wheelchair on the lift and move to the desired place. When the user is in the lift, it rises from the ground with a unique controlpad and takes the user to his or her desired level.

Many governments are trying to encourage the use of disabled stair lifts. As has been mentioned earlier, government in the UK has made it mandatory for all public buildings to have disabled stair lifts installed in them. There are other governments around the world who are doing the same and encouraging the use of disabled stair lifts for the betterments of the differently abled people.