DWD machine oils can be used as lubricants if your chairlift has become too noisy and irritating or gathered a squeak. When you spray some amount of this new oil, the chairlift will be devoid of all rusts.

The oiling cannot be done by any ordinary man. Special trained engineers are required for this. The squeak generally develops due the carriage procedure or removal of the covers. Therefore, the safety edges and cover should always be removed by trained professionals, the engineers are well aware of what kind of oil has to be used in it.

One has to be very careful while using the DWD oil as it is very reactive in cases of specific rubbers and plastics. This reaction will cause further damage to the stairlift in due course of time. The rubber will become brittle and wear away with time. So a time to time service is required for the stairlifts.

So it is highly recommended that you appoint an engineer to do this lubrication. When you hear the annoying noise, call the trained engineers. It means the stairlift needs servicing. If you don’t take the necessary maintenance measures in time, you may have to a pay a heavy bill later as its repairing cost.