A new Stairlift model is out in the market and it has been launched in the Home Lift Store. Brooks Indoor Stairlift is known for its attractively smooth features and appearance. It has bright and calming color schemes which sets it apart from the otherwise dark and gaudy colors and make a great addition to the home.

This stair lift is a premium addition to the collection of models that has the regular features of a Stairlift along with some tweaks that increases its performance and efficiency. Among these features, the ones that stand out are the folding footrest, the newly designed arm rests and seat that also fold and is not only comfortable but also occupies less space.

A classic feature that adds to the standard of Brooks Stairlift is the diagnostic display in digital format. This feature enables the clients to operate and take care of potential problems and rising issues with ease. This includes safety precautions where a switch would be triggered when it comes in contact with an object that is in the way of the movement of the lift. The Stairlift would then stop until the item has been removed from the way. This battery operated Stairlift is a flagship model of the Home Lift Store.