You may be looking at the possibility of installing a home elevator into your residence as a way of improving the mobility between floors for members of your family. Whilst this can be a fairly straight-forward process, there are issues to consider in ensuring you install the right home elevator for your situation.

If you are considering a home elevator for a house that is yet to be built, then your architect can easily amend the plans to accommodate any form of elevator you choose. Difficulties may occur, however, when attempting to have a home elevator installed into your current home.
Hydraulic lift elevators rely on a piston mechanism and will require the excavation of a pit to house the machinery, which will also require frequent maintenance. However, a hydraulic driven home elevator will offer the best ride comfort and the best reliability, so they are worth the extra effort if possible.

For those who may not be able to allow for the great effort involved in a hydraulic installation then you may wish to look at one of the alternatives. Wheel drum or counter-weight driven home elevators will only require the installation of the motor and pulley system above the shaft, which will provide a smooth and steady ride to your floor. There is, therefore, a lot less work in installing this type of home elevator at little cost to the quality of the ride.

If you wish to avoid any excessive additional maintenance then you may wish to invest in a pneumatic or vacuum driven home elevator. These are much easier to install as there are no drive mechanisms, as the car is raised and lowered by altering the relative air pressures above and below the car. A pneumatic elevator will therefore take little time to install and can simply be placed on a level floor. There is minimal necessary maintenance and the system is arranged so there is no chance of the cab falling due to a power outage or breakdown.

Whatever your situation you should be able to provide easy access for everyone within your household. A home elevator is a fantastic way of doing just that.