A person’s disability shouldn’t be a reason for him not to go out and enjoy life. Whatever cause it was – illness, accident, injury or old age, nothing should ever stop a person from living his life normally especially in public. It is good that buildings have become more accessible what with the installation of handicap stair lifts.

Since it is impossible for those confined to wheelchairs to use the stairs, handicap stair lifts have to be installed in public institutions like hospitals, schools, or government offices. This helps them move independently even without the assistance of a loved one or a caregiver.

Most stair lifts are mounted on the stairs via rails. Attached to the rail is a seat that should comfortably fit the user. It is easy to operate it through remote controls or joysticks.

Those who can lift themselves up from the wheelchair and bend their knees and those who can still stand up by themselves can do this on their own.

These seats have safety belts that ensure a secured lift for the user. It would be best if the public handicap stair lifts have soft start and stop features. This will make it easier for those users who may have severe lower back pains. Such a feature will not startle them or move the chair abruptly to avoid any more injuries on the user.

We should also always give way to the physically challenged people. Public installations such as a handicap stair lift should only be for the intended users.

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