Handicap stair lift units provide a safe and reliable way for handicapped people to travel up and down stairs in their homes. This helps to prevent accidents for those who have reduced mobility, and gives users the chance to continue living in their home without the need for constant assistance from carers, friends or family members.
Stair lifts for disabled people generally consist of a motorized chair attached to a track which runs the length of the staircase. The handicapped individual is able to strap themselves into the chair, and control the stair lift via a remote controller. This helps them to quickly navigate the stairs without the aid of anybody else, essentially giving them a greater level of independence. The disabled stair lift chair will typically include both arm rests and foot rests for greater comfort.

Handicap stair lifts are not exclusively used by disabled individuals either. They are very versatile, and can also help people who may have simply become slightly weak, temporarily ill or have an accessibility challenge. The fact that walking up and down a staircase is one of the major causes of accidents in the home is reason enough to consider a stair lift. Also take into account that your knee and ankle joints will benefit from a stair lift as they will not be subjected to as much impact or deterioration as a result of climbing up and down stairs.

Those who are losing their mobility know exactly how painful (and sometimes dangerous) climbing up stairs can be. The installation of a disabled stair lifts can help to alleviate these problems by allowing them to fully participate in normal household life, without the risk of further injury.

A handicap stair lift will provide a practical solution to mobility issues, but rest assured that they won’t transform your house into something that resembles a hospital ward. The stair lifts can be full customized to fit both your staircase, and design of your home.

Handicap stair lifts (sometimes known as an electric stair lift) can be powered in one of 2 ways, A/C or Battery. A/C powered stair lifts are connected to the mains power of your home. They are easy to install if you have a power socket near the place of installation, and if you are not concerned with the risk of power outages. In the case of a disabled stair lift user, it could be safer to opt for the battery powered version. This mitigates the risk of a power outage preventing the user from using their stair lift to navigate their house. However you must remember to keep the batteries charged!

What are you waiting for? A handicap stair lift could be the answer to solving a loved one’s accessibility issues, allowing them to live an active and healthy lifestyle in their own home, without relying on permanent care. You can check out some estimated stairlift prices on the home page.