Golden Technologies is a premium manufacturer of lift chairs in the US. The company, based in Old Forge Pennsylvania, has the world’s largest assembly line solely dedicated to producing these chairs. They have an impressive collection of ergonomic seats together with an array of healthcare products for home uses. These include scooters, power wheel chairs and beds; designed and assembled by the Golden Technologies team at their facilities near Kingston PA. The company employs over two hundred local residents on its factories and is a major player in the economic growth of the area.

 Lift chairs are handy recliner seats with powerful lifting mechanisms, which hoist users to standing position. Elderly folk, ailing and disabled patients find the seats useful in their day-to-day life.

Typically, four recliner designs exist in the market: two, three, infinite and zero gravity position designs. All these seats have specific motions to offer optimum comfort while seating or standing depending on your physical condition. Golden Technologies manufactures quality lift chairs in the above designs to enhance users mobility needs.

MaxiComfort Ultimate Recline Technology

golden-maxi-comfort-relaxer-PR756MC-lift-chairMaxicomfort is the patented model of recliner seats from Golden Technologies. They come with advanced positioning features and technology, which is incomparable to any other models you are likely to find in the market. The seats glide backwards at an angle of 90 degrees, while their footrest raise your feet when you wish to watch television, read a book or use a laptop PC comfortably. This ergonomic upper body positioning mechanism ensures maximum support and comfort for the neck and shoulders.

You may also adjust the Maxicomfort recliner to a sleep position with the touch of a button. This spot allows you to take a comfortable nap without risking any form of injury on your back. Be careful though, the placating experience of this recliner can make you forget where the bed is.

Trendelenburg Position

Maxicomfort also comes with the Trendelenburg position that was introduced by German physician Friederich Trendelenburg. The position places your feet above the head, increasing blood flow to the lower extremities. Physicians recommend patients with edema or other circulatory conditions to rest in this position a number of times during the day. It assists in stretching the lumbar area of the back and enhances blood circulation in the body.

Zero Gravity Position

Another useful seating position on the Maxicomfort recliner is the zero gravity position. Here, the spine, hip and knee joints balance to create a zero pressure effect on your body. This is because the seat can move up or down to pivot the lower and upper body into a neutral zero gravity position. Natural repose and minimal tension on the muscles ensures relief on muscle and spinal muscles. Thus, fatigue melts away and energy rejuvenates.

Maxicomfort three-position recliner technology uses state of the art smooth gliding remote technology to operate. This recliner comes with a pre-positioned auto-drive hand control system that offers a customizable lounge experience. Action buttons raise and lower the seats back and footrest while the other buttons make small increments to customize users seating experience.

Maxicomfort recliners are available in three different styles with many sizes. These include the Relaxer PR756, Maxicomforter PR505 and Windsor PR506. All these models come with sumptuous fabrics and colors to match any interior decor. You can choose from soft touch stain defense fabrics to breathable leather depending on taste and preference.

Golden Technologies Lift Chairs

Apart from Maxicomfort recliners, you can also choose from the Traditional, Signature or Value lines of lift chairs from the company.
Traditional Series

  • The Pioneer – This is a soft youthful looking recliner with easy to grasp wooden arms and deep comfortable cushions with remote control adjustment.
  • The Williamsburg – This recliner comes with a button back colonial design and supple velvet material with winged arms.
  • The Cambridge – This is the ideal lift chair for taking long rests. It features overstuffed cushions with a laid-back design available in multiple colors.
golden-pioneer-lift-chair golden-williamsburg-lift-chair golden-cambridge-lift-chair
 Golden Pioneer Lift Chair  Golden Williamsburg Lift Chair  Golden Cambridge Lift Chair

Signature Series

The signature series features four types of lift chairs. They include:

  • golden-lift-chair-regalThe Regal (pictured, right) – This is a recliner seat for people who like their stuff within arms reach. It has dual flip open arms that conceal storage space for cups or ashtrays. The seats triple pillow waterfall back is adjustable to allow multiple seating options.
  • The Royal – This is a slender seat with a smart design. It also comes with a waterfall back to provide ultimate comfort to the user.
  • The Space Saver – This overstuffed recliner only requires little space to reach the wall. It is ideal if you have space constraints at your home.
  • The Winston – Also, this overstuffed recliner wraps around the user like a warm soft blanket. The biscuit style back and lush rounded armrests offer sufficient relaxation for homeowners.

Value Series

Lastly, the Value series of lift chairs consist of the Capri, Monarch and Monarch Plus models.

  • The Capri – A wide, rounded comfortable recliner that combines comfort and stability for the owner.
  • The Monarch – A stuffed seam back with supportive ample seat, which provides sufficient room for relaxation.
  • Monarch Plus – A modification of the Monarch with a three-way recline system and napper position for maximum comfort.

To find out more, visit the Golden Technologies homepage here.